Sunday, April 12, 2009

Any tips for field planting miniature pomegranate seedlings?

I%26#039;m scared that i will lose them all and dissapoint my dad

Any tips for field planting miniature pomegranate seedlings?
Don%26#039;t field plant the seedlings when they are too small. For best survival plant each seedling into a larger pot (a one gallon pot would do for pomegranates). Let the seedlings grow in the pot until they are 18 inches tall and have a strong stem. You will need to put bamboo stakes (or the equivalent) in the pots next to the seedlings, and tie them to the stake with twist-ties as they grow. Prune out side shoots that sprout from the stem below 1 foot above the soil. This will keep the stem straight, and prevent wind from whipping them around. When you have a strong stem and well developed root system, you are ready for field planting.

When you are transplanting seedlings from a seed germination flat or community pot, only transplant the largest most vigorous seedlings. The smaller, less vigorous seedlings will never make satisfactory plants.

The temptation (been there, done that :) ) is to field plant when the plants are too small. The field environment is tougher for a variety of reasons (wind, drought, etc.), and a well established plant will survive much better. Good luck.


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