Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is Pomegranate juice worth the extra cost?

Can you get similar results with Orange or Grape juice?

Is Pomegranate juice worth the extra cost?
This comes from an ad but I think it is true: %26quot; It did not feature in Western diet or consciousness, but has now become the focus of intensive research into the wide range of health benefits it offers. Most notably benefits for your heart. It really does have life giving powers!%26quot; My roommate drinks it all the time. As for grape juice watch out for the sugar and read the label.
Reply:No, it%26#039;s kind of cloyingly sweet. Hardly worth all the hype.
Reply:what are you trying to accomplish??

yes it%26#039;s worth the cost taste the difference when making a cocktail with a nice vodka. Substitute one part pomegranate for cranberry or grape juice serve cold and enjoy??
Reply:yes it is very good for you and taste greatt
Reply:hi, i think pome juice is worth more than orange juice cause pome juice has more anti-oxidants that will help red blood cells to purify blood and no imputities left. with orange juice you can get calcium which is helpful for bones. i think in our diet all these diff. fruit juices play their roles and once in a while we need to drink both of them orange and grape. well that%26#039;s an interesting question. keep drinking juices good for your health..
Reply:i love pomegranate juice but hate the price

8-10 bucks for a tiny bottle?
Reply:It depends on what you need it for... but it is WAY worth the extra cost.

It has 71% anti oxidents when red wine only has 11%.


Reply:pretty much.


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