Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whether pomegranate seeds are edible and good for health?

any recipes for these seeds

Whether pomegranate seeds are edible and good for health?
Yes the seeds are edible and are very good for you.

I make a pomegranate %26amp; banana salad with these. (I got the recipe online a while back, but I do it by memory now and don%26#039;t know the website)

mound the seeds in 4 small bowls

slice a firm banana and place the slices around the pomegranate seed mound.

sprinkle the sauce over the seeds and banana


1 Tbsp. lime juice

1 Tbsp honey

Reply:Someone on here seems to be suggesting that just because Arabs eat pomegranates nobody else should. Split open the fruit and pick out the seeds. (If you%26#039;re really fastidious you can use a tooth pick). Quite sour but full of anti oxidants. GOOD FOR YOU.
Reply:Arabs eat them by the ton - make your own mind up
Reply:put them on a salad.
Reply:yes they are edible. they are an antioxidant. you should try them in a fruit salad.
Reply:They are certainly edible, and contain antioxidants which means that they swallow free radicals associated with many cancers.

They have a bit of a tang, and are quite good with various desserts, on salads, etc.

I usually don%26#039;t cook them, but rather eat them raw.
Reply:erm...just eat them ? i love them !

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