Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is Pomegranate Juice good for Cancer?

Have cancer with no know cure

Is Pomegranate Juice good for Cancer?
try this website for clinical trials... and put in the type of cancer, hit the map button for local trials and don%26#039;t forget to turn the pages....

also you could try and click on %26quot;index of rare diseases%26quot; and look through the alphabet on the right side to find your type of cancer. Then scroll down to see links and addresses to online support groups...
Reply:It is said to have many anti-oxidants and ingredients that help prevent different types of cancer.

It also helps you have a healty immune system and gives you a lot of Vitamin A, C and E
Reply:yes highest antioxidant source of any fruit or veggie
Reply:It may slow down the progression of prostate cancer, but further studies are needed. Basically the studies have revolved around people drinking an 8 oz glass of juice a day to see if it has any affect on this type of cancer. Subjects drink it until disease progression . . which did occur. All subjects eventually had their disease progress even while drinking pomegranate juice. So the juice is being studied further.

Early studies are also being conducted for lung cancer (using mice models) with the hopes of slowing down the progression of the disease.

Problem with all of this is always . . how much juice to use, how often, and how can you tell if it is the juice that is slowing down the progression of disease?

You can check the progress of research online at Pubmed (National Library of Medicine):


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