Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are Pomegranate seeds dangerous to eat?

Please help... are they Dangerous? Thanks

Are Pomegranate seeds dangerous to eat?
no. they%26#039;re actually really good for you. just be careful not to swallow the seed itself. (a.k.a. the chinese apple.. why? i don%26#039;t know.)

oh, and keep it away from your clothes. they stain like a b*tch.

the kernels aren%26#039;t dangerous, though they%26#039;re not that yummy. but hey, if you like %26#039;em, go for it! you have no worries here. =)
Reply:No. I always eat them, what would be the point of eating Pomegranates otherwise?
Reply:no way! i love pomegranates! it wont hurt you at all. actually it is really good for you b/c the seeds of fruit have alot of nutrients in them. after all god said eat the seed. if it was bad for you he wouldnt say that.
Reply:No they are not dangerous to eat. I grew up eating them all the time.....28 years later I%26#039;m still alive. So go ahead and enjoy!

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