Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is the proper way to trim a Pomegranate tree?

Its growing a bit out of control. I dont want to harm the tree, and i love having the Pomegranates in the summer.

What is the proper way to trim a Pomegranate tree?

The Pomegranate tree should be pruned in the fall after the fruit is off the tree. If you live in a warm climate and in a tropical zone, you may also prune in the early spring or late winter. You can also fertilize your tree in the fall and again in the spring time. I recommend to my clients a six month slow release nitrogen base fertilize.

Make sure your trim your branches at an angle. If you cut straight across you could damage the tree. I will link you to my proper pruning page of my website. This will give you tips on how to correctly trim trees and shrubs. I will also link you to my site map. This has everything that is on the website. Browse through and see if there is any other information that may help you in any other landscape or garden project.

Good luck to you and if you need further suggestions, please feel free to contact me at the website. Have a great day and happy holidays!




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